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ITS 2012: because Talent Support matters

Door Tiany op 18.07.2012

For sure I can write a book on my past experience at the magnificent ITS 2012, but I’m very much aware of the fact you’re reading me online and absolutely do not wish to read entire epistles… However, one thing should be said, namely that creativity should be supported and promoted in each and every way, otherwise we’ll end up with a bunch of marketers deciding on what collections should look like and I’m not sure about the creativity of that...


So hail to International Talent Support that has been promoting young designer students for a decade now. This resulting in creative wiz kids working for a numerous amount of fashion houses or designing their very own collections and being quite successfull at doing that (think about the likes of Mark Fast and Christopher De Vos who now is part of Peter Pilotto)

Shaun Samson ITS#10 winner showed his brand new collection...


I experienced the very first edition of ITS back in the days I produced a fashion program for JIMtv the rock & roll way. This competition created by Barbara Franchin’s EVE and from the very beginning sponsored by denim mogul Diesel is exceptional in many ways. Not only because of the informal and cozy aspect, but also of the variety and quality of talent showcased and guess what? ITS has always been very much fond of talent elevated in our various Belgian fashion schools, ain't that something?!

11 years later ITS has grown and become a dream to each and every creativo, students all over the world long to be part of the experience and this competition attracts the attention of worlds’ most important fashion press.

Sweet inspirator behind this competition is the Italian Barbara Franchin... The passion that resorts from this Iady is admirable and she has made it her mission to travel around the world in search of talent to put in the spotlights during her yearly event.

She has dreams & ideas and hopes someday her caravan of fashion love will be able to travel around the world disguised as perhaps pop–up shops selling the creations of ITS talent or showcasing the impressive ITS archive pieces that have been gathered over the years. She also dreams of creating a mechanism that will promote the creativo’s she has scouted along her way and told me how heartbreaking it is to have to reduce the 100 collections she adores to just a selection of 10 and with a bit of luck 11 young designers...


ITS 2012 winner: Ichiro Suzuki

Won 15.000 euro and WOWED us with his detailed patchwork collection which was all about 3D and traditional tailoring.

Diesel Award: Marius Janusauskas

Great prize as Marius will be awarded the sum of 25.000 euro and a 6 month internship.

Special Prize: Luke Brooks

Avery Dennison Brand Innovation Award & Vogue Talent Award: Mark Goldenberg

Modateca Award: Shengwei Wang

D-La Repubblica Award: Marius Janusauskas

Saturday Night Fever Award: Isabel Vollrath


Vogue Talents Award: Victoria Spruce

Accessories Collection of the Year: Ana Rajcevic

YKK Award: Benjamin John Hall

ITS 2012 Jewelry

Swarovski Elements Jewelry Award: Xiao Zi Yang

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