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The Hunkemöller Diaries: aka pretty lingerie!

Door Tiany op 17.07.2012

Let's have a Berlin flashback, remember the city I told you about last week? Well, my visit was not only all about fun and ice creams with the mini's... It was also about work (still fun in Kirilove land), Soho House breakfasts and chit chats with the lovely Sylvie Van der Vaart... Who now is the one and only ambassador of lingerie brand Hunkemöller. Hunkemöller was so kind to invite a selection of Belgian journalists and some bloggers to join them on a sexy experience during their Spring Summer 2013 Girls on Film Fashion show in Berlin.

It was fun, inspiring and surprising as the creations shown were pure glamour with truckloads of embellishments and as Sylvie turned out to be an absolutely fabulous real woman, courageous, fun and lovin'.  Don't get me wrong I wasn't expecting anything else, but the experience was beyond expectation and the show was all about retro diva styled glamour, something I can always strongly appreciate.

It was Sylvie's catwalk debut so the lady was kind of nervous but managed to shake her little derrière on the catwalk just brilliantly.

Hunkemöller had this collab with Swarovski Elements, which resulted in mind-boggling encrusted lingerie, glamorous all the way, and perfect on the WOW factor.



Hunkemöller is not only about the lingerie and so a wide selection of funky swimwear was shown on the catwalk with as one of my favorites; the cut out bathing suit with orange belt… This lady knows what to do… work that booty!


Because Sylvie says so...

I managed to have a little talk with Sylvie and this is what the lady wants to share with you and me:

*What should the basic lingerie wardrobe of a lady contain? "Cute little hotpants, strings and garters... men seem to love them or at least my husband is crazy about them. Don't forget to add a dash of color and lace always works wonders with men, so do 

*What do you really invest on? "I love accessories and I really think they make a difference so invest in some lovely statement jewels in the summer and in the winter really try to find a beautiful coat."

*How do you keep the passion in your relationship? "I use garters and well I guess that after a while when everything becomes a habit you should just start thinking about the things you did back in the days you first fell in love with your partner. Keep it exciting and so yes, do go ahead and put on your sexy lingerie every once in a while, surprise him with candles and the necessary romance."


*What about your body? “It doesn’t all come naturally you know, I have this intensive weekly work out that has my body looking all toned. I tend to pump up the volume a couple of weeks before the Hunkemöller shoots are planned as I’m not a big fan of photoshop.”   

*Why are you a perfect match with Hunkemöller? "I must say I was totally delighted the minute I received this request and they choose me, because according to them I'm an everyday real woman, mom, wife and lady. Besides I've been buying Hunkemöller for ages now, I really like the brand and have been using ever since I was a teenager so I guess it was meant to be."


Soho House breakfast and me wearing some lovely Essentiel sequins... it's ciao for now ladies and gents!


Girls on Film: just watch it and let me know what you think babes!

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