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MDNA thanks to Luisa Via Roma

Door Tiany op 09.07.2012

It has been a couple of weeks since I had this amazing experience thanks to Luisa Via Roma, I'll be posting my last glam look this week (sorry for that but I have like light ages of delay in posting stuff, maybe I should travel more!) but in the meantime I just wanted to tell you about the lovely days we had in the company of a selection of great people and bloggers. One of the many experiences includes the Madonna concert, which I really was anxious to contemplate.

Ok true, the lady does not top the voice of an Adèle but hell, she knows how to rock a stage and has this talent for choosing great company. I mean I'd love to add some flexi guys to my existing list of friends! Trust me, I had never expected I'd be enjoying a concert as much as I did and I swear to God I did! 

The entertainment factor of this 50 plusser has got me all astonished and I haven't even mentioned her body yet, man I'm so wishing I will some day grow up to be as solid as her abs & triceps...

So there she is, lady Madonna strutting around in all kinds of fancy gear, I'm guessing she had about 8 change overs, but I'm also pretty sure I lost track of count as I was all wowed out because of the mind-boggling decors, videos and dance acts... totally blown away! 

Just in case you tend to loose contact with planet earth, The Queen of Pop herself will be in town this Thursday and guess what... tix are still available. You can take my word for it: it's pure entertainment and it's one of those many things a lady has got to see... so give me all your love today! 

Peace Out & loves ya!

PS many thanks to Alex from for letting me use her pics as mine were because of the excitement not really existing...

Thanking Brussels Airlines for flying me safe to and back from Firenze... Go ahead and support our local flying initiatives and don't forget Brussels Airlines now also flies to New York!!! Hurray!!!

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