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My Kirilove Week: sales alert, Berlin & my favorite things

Door Tiany op 07.07.2012

I now officially have a new hobby and that is informing you about all kinds of great bargains and designer deals, so please stay tuned and follow me on Instagram (I'm @belmodotiany) and Twitter as you really might get lucky with one of my many finds in Belgium's coolest and chicest shops! It's the #salesalert by Kirilove hope you'll enjoy it!

Behold a fine selection of the scenery’s contemplated by my eyes the past week... you need a bit of explanation? Well, let's say I had a great time at Werchter last week with lady G and that I lived one of the prettiest sunsets ever at the seaside in la douce Belgique in the great company of the hubby. On Tuesday I took off to Berlin for some fashion galore and the exciting shows of Hugo Boss and Hunkemoller (more to come about that pretty soon). I did this in the company of my mom and the mini's and it was all the fun... a bit tiring though, but hell, I now have an entire weekend of rest before 2 crazy weeks kick in. 

At the moment I'm totally loving:

*The ab fab Ipanema bracelet which is in fact 1 bracelet with an amazing range of friendship bracelets and all these pretty colors, it's available at Smets in Brussels and it was 70 euro, a quite ok price for such a pretty thing

*My leather espadrilles by Prada (Designer Outlet Roermond), which are comfy all the way and a must-have this summer!

*The brilliant sea star Miu Miu sandals, available at Coccodrillo, absolutely my all time favorite shoe shop... I've really visited so many shoe shops throughout different cities, but really Coccodrillo in Antwerp just has the most amazing selection ever. They're now having their sales.... so if you want to invest in a good pair of designer shoes, trust me the time is now!

Wondering what the pretty sequined ensemble is I'm wearing in the beginning of this post? It's Essentiel a Belgian brand that really rocks my heart. I'm not sure why, but I seem to be in a white phase and am now very eager to find a white pantalon... so if you have a clue, please share your info with me.

Ok gals, I'm gonna split right now and step on a bike and have a ride with my kids... have a lovely weekend and yesssss by the way, I'm very curious about your plans this summer, so share it with me as my countdown to the holidays has begun... 14 days to no high heels or make-up and just boardshorts and some surf!!!

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