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Kirilove is lovin’ Damien Ravn

Door Tiany op 03.07.2012

May I introduce you to Damien Ravn an amazingly talented young designer that has my heart going boom boom boom with his incredible creations and back décolleté's. I met Damien a while ago during one of the many UPR press days and guess that ever since, we've been in some kind of sartorial affair... Damien has become my Norwegian Designer God, he studied at the Academy of Antwerp and has been elevating fashion students ever since 2010 in Warsaw.

His designs are a mix of clean cut aesthetics and ultra feminine and floaty silhouettes. Damien combines a wide range of textures and loves experimenting with different techniques which always  results in ingeniously composed outfits that are one of a kind and thus unique. 


I've been wearing many of his creations and really feel as if they were designed for the Kirilove curves. Damien also tends to work with vibrating colors and prints as in: totally me! His designs haven't been commercialized yet, but just get in touch with my Norwegian Designer God in the case you're ready to look succulent for a special occasion...

Get in touch with Damien: [email protected]

Floaty and totally transparent skirt and top by Damien Ravn


Shoes by Jimmy Choo

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