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My Kirilove Week: EK Thongprasert and the arm swag addiction

Door Tiany op 01.07.2012

Howdie sweets, I have totally no idea how I manage to loose track of time, I just know it flies and that I need more of it as in pronto... I'm running late again, excuse me for that, but hey here's at last another week of fashion fun gone by... I can tell you it once more involved shoes, liters of latté's and as usual the mini me's.... which reminds me of the fact you should check out the Tsumori and Petit Bateau collection... it can't get any cuter!

I'm totally into back décolleté's lately, guess my addiction started when Damien F Ravn provided me with his amazing creations which are pretty sexy once you turn around... this week was also all about bracelets! I totally fell in love with this exemplar chez Swarovski and thanks to E.K Thongsprasert I now am the very prud owner of this amazing white bracelet. I've got some more pretty arm swag coming up this week, so stay tuned.

By the way... the baby on my Instagram pic above is baby Yelena, 5 years ago... once more prove of the fact time flies as Yelena turned 5 this week, something we celebrated with unhealthy amounts of sweets, cupcakes and a burro shaped piñata!

Things to do...

-Sales have started and guess what? Shops are open in most cities so knock yourself out, as great bargains can be done!

-Knokke has a brand new inhabitant... may I present you to Villa, which opened it's doors this weekend and houses the likes of Wouters & Hendrix... read: gorgeous jewels to decorate your pretty body! 

-When in the surroundings of Kortrijk, be sure to pay a visit to the pop-up Design Vintage shop, you can really find amazing pieces that will have your place looking fancy in no time!

That's about it for now, gotta split, but see you around very berry soon! Hugs & kisses and have a lovely week... 

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