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Tsumori & Petit Bateau meet the Kirilove offspring

Door Tiany op 26.06.2012

The product of the love in between mister D and me is quite that something and brings along the biggest of joys each and every day. So that's why my dear followers I once more decide to present you to princess Yelena and the mini monster little miss Eloise -she's kind of short you see. These ladies once more are the protagonists of a Kirilove post as they seemingly are -at the ages of 5 and 3- even more addicted to fashion than their shoe & bag lovin mother.

True story: I wake up every morning to find little Miss E all dressed up in the most extraordinary mix n' match combinations, I dare to bet even Miuccia would be jealous of. Lady Yelena lives a top-notch designer life each and every day and assures me, she one day will design every single frock I wear. She likes her dresses when organized per color, owns already like 10 pairs of shoes and I kid you not… her collection of arm swag is bigger than the average blogger’s one.

It's interesting to see how genes are inherited and how the mini-me interpret their mother’s life in fashion on their own peculiar way.



I have created two little fashion monsters, with a very strong will and devoted to all things dresses and skirts. So the minute they caught sight of yet another ab fab collab between Tsumori Chisato and the French Petit Bateau, their little fashion souls were sold. Just like moi they have fallen in love with the cutest of stripes in the very well known Petit Bateau comfy cotton. I myself could not resist one of the creations and was sporting the Tsumori T-shirt while shooting these pics. Really fabulous to have us 3 looking all alike, promise you I’ll soon provide you with pics of the lovely looks of the Tsumori tee on mommy’s like me! 

The Tsumori Chisato collection is now available in all Petit Bateau stores, it's girl's only, but I would wear the shirts if I were a boy...

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