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Florence and the Fashion Machine

Door Tiany op 25.06.2012

So I figured that by now you should have a Kirilove overdose of outfit posts and that's why instead of posting the third look I wore during Luisa Via Roma's Style Lab, I decided to inform you that I'm officially in love with yet another city... it's Florence my dears, indeed very touristic, but beautiful and full of fashion in many ways... So by now you know I spent a weekend in Florence during the International Bloggers Event Firenze 4 Ever by Luisa Via Roma and heavens... did I have a great time! 

My trip started last week Thursday with a soya latte and a Brussels Airlines 11:55 flight, which was perfect as in not too early and by 2 pm on the spot. Why Brussles Airlines? Well not only because I have this thing with supporting our local economy, but also because of the inflight service and the fact you don't have to walk miles and miles before getting on your flight... I know, I'm a lazy ass and therefor always delighted when boarding gates are in between 46 and 52, which is always the case when flying Brussels Airlines... so there, now you've got it... yet another confession.


On with Florence and behold just a couple of things you should really do...


Florence has got it all, the beautiful buildings, ab fab shops, Luisa Via Roma, the food, the drinks, the Italians and probablyb the best reason to hop on a Brussels Airlines flight destination Florence.... The outlet shopping!!! Yes the entire shabaam of Italian ab fab brands such as Marni (I die), Prada, Miu Miu, Valentino.... You name it and it's all available at tempting, very tempting prices.

I decided to go on a roadtrip to The Mall, which actually turned out to be a very well organized field trip on a designated bus filled to the notch with Asians and Middle East chica's. 5 euro's and a 50 minutes drive later, I arrived at designer heaven... The further course of that day is kind of classified, only Visa knows the details and I guess I'm keeping it just that way... However I can assure you that the selection of goodies is outstanding, real fashionista's on a budget material and prices are very recession proof... Hallelujah!


Besides the outlet villages and Luisa Via Roma there are 3 other very interesting shops you should visit:

*Gérard Loft Via dei Pecori 34/36 

*Flow Store: Via de Vecchietti 22 

*Société Anonyme: Via Niccolini 3F


My biggest addiction is also totally available in Florence, you can find great stuff at very attractive prices!

* Pitti Vintage: Sdrucciolo de' Pitti 19 and Borgo degli Albiza 72

* Boutique Nadine: Lungarno Acciaiuoli, 22

Melrose Vintage: Largo Alinari, 8

* Elio Ferraro Gallery Store: Via del Parione 47R

*A.N.G.E.L.O: Via de Simatori 25R

*Ceri Vintage: Via dei Serragli 26R


Florence has many hotels and B&B's but the fashion victim in me could not resist a stay in one of the gorgeous Ferragamo linked Hotels and so, I decided to have a stay at the magnificent Hotel Continentale. The rooms are heavenly white, spacious and furnished with these amazing leather suitcases that are in fact the rooms' desk and which refer to the know-how of fashion house Ferragamo. Every little detail within the hotel is tasteful and well selected, from small lounge rooms throughout the hotel to the amazing view of Florence on the rooftop terrace which by the way offers ever so delicious Bellini's.

My stay at the Hotel Continentale was outstanding and a real delight. Breakfast was also exquisite (scrambeled eggs included) and the choice of yummies was extended

For more info check out their site


Honestly, can't help you with this one as the people at Luisa Via Roma were kind enough to provide us with truckloads of yummy stuff, so besides drinking this heavenly good Bellini at my hotel The Continentale I indulged into all these Italian goodies on the terrace of Luisa Via Roma and at the dinner party held on this amazing venue, pics of that will be on the blog very soon...


Just in case you wish to have the practical details, Brussels Airlines has 8 flights a week to Florence but in case you have any questions, just tweet them @FlyingBrussels, they'll be providing you with answers as in very pronto... Ohh and yeah... they also have a daily flight to New York and I'll soon be testing that one out... cant wait!

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