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Firenze 4 Ever at Luisa Via Roma: look numero uno!

Door Tiany op 19.06.2012

I can’t recall any other online boutique that ever approached bloggers to spend a weekend to play around with fashion in their designer candy shop… What seemed the unavoidable for many became a total concept for Florence based shop Luisa Via Roma and that's how #Firenze4ever was conceived 5 seasons ago. 

If you ask me; you gotta be quite a genius to unite bloggers worldwide during a weekend of chit chatting, fun making, food consuming and fashion loving activities. Think global exposure and you’ll understand what I mean...

I’ve known Luisa Via Roma for ages through the internet and was therefor pretty much delighted to finally get to meet the physical shop… To my surprise it is petite, but gorgeous and styled to perfection each and every season, as they launch a theme and change the looks of the shop (new mural paintings) with the arrival of a new collection.

Now how the Helsinki does a fairly small shop like this stock the truckloads of designer goodies that can be found online? That is indeed the question. But fact is that the online shop is part of the experience in store. So it’s an anno 2012 way of shopping and I loved it. You enter the store, plunge into a small selection of “WOWness” and all of a sudden an equip of well trained & lovely looking personnel guides you through their vast selection of collections.   

Luisa Via Roma is like the candy shop of designer fashion goodies and all of a sudden you're given carte blanche to “play” with the most exquisite creations. Yours truly went totally mad... for a minute I was under the delusion that I was some kind of Greek Goddess during one of  my so called Style Labs. 

On with the show, so say hi to my first look which I like to call ‘Greek Goldie Locks Goddess meets Mohawk me’. For the record: the moment this pic was taken, the thermometer announced a smothering temperature of 36°, needless to say I was melting chocolate-in-boiling-hot-milk-way!


WEARING: Jay Ahr dress, Rochas golden sweater, Marni shoes, bracelet & earrings all available at

Stay tuned for some more #Firenze4ever galore and some other ab fab creations worn by the not so long legged me, who needs them anyways, when you’ve got 16 cm high Casadei’s?

Pictures taken by Valentine Avoh... thanks lady!

Ohh and yeah.... don't forget about our new give away thanks to Luisa Via Roma... I mean you can win an ab fab Rocco bag by Alexander Wang!!!!

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