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My Kirilove Week: Florence and an occasional ray of light

Door Tiany op 16.06.2012

As we speak I'm in Florence enjoying an overload of sun and a weather I had forgotten ever excised. What is wrong with Belgium? And hey, Mr Weather Guy, we've got tons of barefoot sandals and little small obscene dresses we're dyeing to wear, so cut the crap and please start initiating your summer mode... as in pronto!

Why I'm in Florence, well, I'm here on an invitation of one of my favorite online stores: Luisa Via Roma and their International bloggers event Firenze 4 Ever, be sure to check out my Instagram, as I'll be sending you some sun! I promise you some visual prozac to come...

It has been another lovely week of rushing Kirilove style, but apart from the Maison Martin Margiela and H&M collection I have no breathtaking news to share, unless you wanna hear about the new pair of shoes that was added to my collection? 

So, let me just inform you on some in house activities you can take up, as the weather is not intending to be kind the next 2 days to come.... My advise is either hop on a plane and come to Florence (read: hot & sweaty) or stay at home, behind your cozy laptop and just surf away... The silver lining to that is that al mayor websites (excepting for the net-a -porter Europe dudes) have started with their long awaited sales, which means you can shop away and have a look at all those lovely designer bargains... will you be able to resist? has been so kind to reduce over 600 products, those to die for Tabitha's included... inieminie minie mo, shall I go for Dries or so is already giving you discounts on their dresses, skirts and playsuits.... I said PLAYsuits... where prices are droppin' like smacked down Florentine mosquitos from the skies wicked amounts of Belgian designers all on sale, sadly enough male model not included... your daily yummies… DVF, Opening Ceremony, Christopher Kane, JW Anderson…. Argh I can’t take this any more

Ok gals... I gotta split, have some sun catching up to do...don't hate me, just come and join me and remember, there's lots of visual prozac on my Instagram, gram, gram,...

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