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Luck is an Attitude by Martini

Door Tiany op 14.06.2012

A while ago I got invited to London to meet Mister Louboutin and this charming Mr Buzzi, an Italian guy that got scouted by Martini about a year ago... the reason of this encounter is quite something as Martini has set the search to a lovely looking lady with the greatest charisma ever. Well, one thing's for sure.... putting on a great & smiley face will not be a tough job considering the fact you can win 12 designer outfits and a likewise amount of Louboutin shoes.

Martini... really, you already had me hooked at designer outfits, but there is more, as the winner of this lovely quest will be starring in the next Martini ad and receiving the amount of 150.000 euro... hence the many matching designer bags you can buy with that!

So ladies, just because you never know what faith is up to, I'd say put your act together and make a merry 1 minute movie of you just to demonstrate what Luck is an Attitude means to you. Mister Louboutin himself will select at least one lady per country, these ladies will be able to show the best there is to them during a week of cocktail shakin’ action in Ibiza. Does is sound tempting or does it sound tempting?


You can still sign up till July 9, all you have to do is upload your video via you all the luck and remember... anything can happen during this Martini Royale Casting experience! So just do it....

The launch of the Martini Royale Casting had us drooling all over the most exclusive pairs of Louboutin shoes, as we got invited to the Louboutin expo at the Design Museum in London.



Did I get to meet the man... ohh yes I did and he's lovely all the way. When talking tips about this competition he advised us to just make the difference, just the way he did with his shoes and his iconic red soles.


Wondering what I was wearing… H&M quoi smile But you do have to wait a bit, as it’ll be hitting stores in September, as it’s one of the lovely dresses of the upcoming fall/winter 2012 collection.

And ohh yes, I had a drink or two; to be more precise I enjoyed a couple of Martini Royale’s (or how do you write that in plural?), which pretty much consists of truckloads of ice cubes, 50% Martini Bianco, 50% Martini Brut, some lemon and mint… delicious and refreshing all the way!

Some advices by Yuri Buzzi (the winner of the Martini Kisser Casting) is to be sure, true, original and to never forget to use a bit of humor.

Be witty, be pretty and just be yourself… ohh and by the way, you must be 25 or older, sorry PYT’s, but this one just isn’t for you.

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