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The Stella McCartney Files

Door Tiany op 13.06.2012

I'm one lucky bastardo... please don't blame me for that, but what would you do if all of a sudden you'd receive a mail from the Stella McCartney HQ's in Paris announcing that your blogging efforts are very much appreciated? You jump for joy, punch yourself thinking you're dreaming and then you squeak like a new born chick! It's not an every day happening that you get approached by one of your all time favorite brands and that you get the chance to wear some of their beautiful styles. So I took this opportunity and once more teamed up with one of my favorite photographers Mr. Dirk Alexander to work on this very special McCartney shoot

For now I leave you with the ab fab print cat suit which is sexy to the bone and still available in stores... so it's Lady Kirilove frontin' her fiercest look... meouw!

WEARING: Stella McCartney cat suit, bracelet and earrings at Manuel Opdenakker, Magazine clutch bought once in the UK 

THANKS TO: Baltimore flowers for the location and Sophie Engelen for the cute looking braid and the purrrrrrfect make-up.

I've admired Stella's work for quite a while and find it really amazing how she manages to make a series of lovely accessories without using one sample of real leather. Her prints have intrigued me for ages and I'm still mourning because I never managed to get my hands on one of her lovely citrus printed items. Besides being one of the most genius print queens, Stella also manages to wow me and the rest of the fashion industry with her clean cut, mono-colored, slick looking silhouettes... which are always very feminine and have you feeling like a million dollar!

In the hope this summer will get hot and sweaty and because I can't bare to once more not manage to get my hands on one of Stella's iconic prints, I've ordered this ab fab tropical looking tunic, which will be my partner in crime during summer holidays... muhahahaha!

For the fashion forward junkies out there... check out what Stella will be up to as she just launched her Resort 2013 collection during a lovely Garden Party in New York... I didn't manage to make it as my invitation got lost somewhere along the way (ehum). But I just came off the phone to my lovely BFF P'trique and he told me he was totally obsessed, that the collection was 'resort ready' and that he wants to live in head-to-toe Stella even during next year's Coachella festival. We didn't talk that very long but he also told me that the collection will be perfect for day drinking at the Soho house. Totes amaze and A.B.T (as in: always be trendy)

pictures via Stella McCartney Instagram

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