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My Kirilove Week: The Fashion Academies & My Tiany ring

Door Tiany op 11.06.2012

It's that time of the year that the various academies showcase the talent of their ab fab students, it's definitely my favorite period, though I must admit that i'm totally worn down because of the long evenings and early mornings... I'm still trying to catch up on massive amounts of stuff I have to share with you and once more this instagram post comes in slightly late...

So what you see, is an overload of young designer goodies with on my wishlist the amazing Heaven necklaces... more about that very soon! I promise you that in the process of this week you'll be able to check out some more info on the various academies and the work of their students, hope it will inspire you as much as it inspired us....

Another fabulous delight -besides the mini-me's- was the arrival of my long awaited Théa ring, I've always been a fan of those little cute name necklaces once introduced by the lovely Carrie Bradshaw, but somehow I'm more of a ring-a-ding lady and therefor totally ecstatic about the creations of Emilie Dûchene (check out her blog). She now also started with the creation of bracelets, which are pretty amazing as well... another addition that is to the wish list!

In case you're wondering about the blue dress, check out my Le French Marriage post for all the info you need....

Ok, gals... gotta split right now, sorry for the short words, but I'm working on something lovely... specially for you smile Stay tuned and in the meantime, have an amazing week!

Totes amaze (dixit p'trique) and some xxxo

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