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My Kirilove Week: roadrunner, shoes and more daily delights

Door Tiany op 03.06.2012

Hellooooo my dear lovers, life has been pretty hectic on this side of cyber space. So pretty please excuse my absence and that fact my posting has been kind of lousy, but let me try to make it up to you with the following...

Bag of the moment is for sure the lovely Comptoir des Cotonniers cabas... it was probably conceived for bag-a-holics like me to help them get over their addiction, seems to be helping... the question is for how long... However, I guess my biggest guilty pleasures are shoes, shoes and more shoes and that's why I can't resist taking pics of my daily dose of footwear. To be honest, I think I dream of a new pair every 3 hours, am I addicted or just doing fine and totally normal in an estrogen world?

Ohhh yes, the girls and me had this road trip to Paris. It was great and we had 2 lovely days of biking around. Did we shop? Actually not that much... we do have plans to go back once the sales hit stores...

I was invited by Martini on a press trip to London where I met the very charming Mister Louboutin, please stay tuned as I promise to tell you all about this very special Martini event very soon. What I wore during the Martini party.... the amazing H&M sequin dress, which is still not in stores as it is part of the fall/winter 2012 collection. I know, I'm a lucky bastard... 

Ohh, big surprise was finding myself in the French Be magazine on a freaking full page! The picture was taken during Paris Fashion Week, amazing how that flowery H&M outfit made it to a wide range of different magazines online and print... pretty freaking awesome if you ask me!

This week was like a whirlwind of dates and things to do. I had kind of an identity crisis and compared myself on many occasions with the very notorious Roadrunner. Tuesday I flew from the seaside to Brussels and on to Roosendaal to end up in Antwerp. Wednesday was all about the launch of, I'm the Belgian face of the online campaign -or shall I say feet- and during the launch event we treated all the present journalists and bloggers to their very first pair of Sacha online shoes. Just for the record: you can win a total restyling with moi and that also means a year provision of shoes, check out for all the info.

Thursday Brussels Airlines invited us to the inauguration of the New York connection, which basically means that you now have a daily flight to the Big Apple with a Belgian airways company and because I really believe you have to support our economy, you no longer have an excuse to not fly to New York!

At Chanel we had a sneak peek of the fall/winter make-up products... something very special will soon be launched, but I can't tell you very much about that yet... so patience my sweeties, but you're gonna like it! I ended my Thursday hosting the Swinging Silk event by Hermès, which was great fun. Friday Marie-Claire magazine and I took a trip to Knokke to visit my favorite hotspots in Knokke, this shoot will appear in the August edition of Marie-Claire and I can't wait to see it! 

Wishing you an ab fab weekend and when in doubt... just buy it!

You can follow me on Instagram, my name is Tiany Kirilove or just plain Tiany. If you don't have an iPhone and want to see my pictures, please just click on the above pics.

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