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Cinderella dreams are made of Louis Vuitton dresses

Door Tiany op 22.05.2012

To my dearest hubby... we've been married for 4 years now and I've kind of decided we should renew our vows. Not only because I love being married to you, but also because I'm totally smitten with Louis Vuitton's angelic white dress & the amazing Ek Thongsprasert necklace... And just so you'd say "Yes, I do" once more, I've decided to show you what I'll be looking like on a 2nd take of le marriage with la Kirilove... hoping this will convince you and hoping our Visa will agree too...

It's like a little Cinderella story -the fashion edit though- when after years of hard labor this fairy godmother comes along, grabs her magic wand and turns you into designer galore. For a moment you feel like a ‘principessa’ and pretty much like an utterly happy kid at the sight of candy or ice cream. Honestly, I know clothes don’t necessarily make you happy, but in my case they sometimes do. I'm guessing my dearest husband will never comprehend my state of bliss and neither will my mom or dad… I however have this faint idea my sweetest offspring shares the same happiness for pretty frocks as I do, which is good... no?!

I confess... in times I have these wild daydreams, which include my girlfriends and me, winning lottery tickets and a bagboy or 6… these dreams have very satisfying endings with the necessary amounts of shopping in the likes of Avenue Monataigne & the Saint Honoré, they even have a pit stop at the Place Vendôme and end with pleasant amounts of Ruinart at the Plaza Athénée. In my daydreams I'm kind of demanding, but really know how to have fun, don't you think? wink

Back to the dress…May I present you to Louis Vuitton look numero uno, this specific exemplar has travelled around the world and appeared in magazines such as Vogue and Elle. Chances are this amazing Louis Vuitton dress was worn by top models and style icons during fancy events, as a matter of fact, I think I could still smell some Alexa coming of this beauty.

What it felt like to sport this pretty looking dress? Well, let's just say that wearing something likewise is kind of breathtaking for a fashion geek like moi. The detailing is gorgeous, the fit... totally perfect, the materials used are luxurious and it has you looking like a pretty princess in just seconds. It was utter glamour and for a split second I considered disappearing from the radar in this dress, but then I imagined you would love me to share this experience with you… right?

Ok, so the main reason I indulged into me and the shooting of this special edition outfit post is that I actually had the chance to shoot with this upcoming young photographer: Mr Dirk Alexander, a true talent that has portrayed the likes of Nichola Formichetti on various occasions! And of course many thanks to the lovely people at Louis Vuitton who were kind enough to grant me the chance to wear one of their ab fab creations... it was mind-boggling (I'm still drooling, sorry) and I'm truly grateful for this amazing opportunity.

Just for the record... the Visa hasn't agreed yet, but I'm totally sure she'll accept after seeing the result of this post. I would've given my blessing ages ago!

WEARING: Louis Vuitton dress and shoes, Ek Thongsprasert necklace

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