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Etsy Findings: Pure Essentia

Door Tiany op 08.05.2012

Amongst my many addictions there is also Etsy and I can get totally lost on it searching and finding the most fabulous creations for pretty amazing prices. Many of my vintage findings are the result of sleepless nights roaming on Etsy and during my wanderings I've stumbled upon a series of ab fab creations that I no longer wish to keep for myself. I am in other words prepared to share my Etsy brain juices with you, just because the creativo's behind the various amazing shops deserve it and because my juices are actually extremely sweet, which is good no?

Ladies and perhaps gents... it's a fun world out there, you just need time or a freak like me to get you to certain places in just one click....

So having said all that, it's time to introduce you to Pure Essentia... don't ask me why but originally the Portugese lady behind this brand is a lawyer (!) with -luckily for us- a healthy passion for making one-of-a-kind jewellery. Lia Santos always knew she would be doing something with her creativity and it turns out she does it pretty darn well. Her colorful creations are stylish eyecatchers that will have your casual T-shirts looking great in no time. Amongst my favorites are the amazing neon necklaces... for those of you that enjoy a statement necklace every once in a while. Very adorable are the fun looking friendship bracelets, which have me bedazzled with their truckload amounts of pretty & colorful rhinestones. Actually I wouldn't mind having the entire Pure Essentia collection as the creations are exquisite and perfect to give your outfits the extra va va voom.

Check out the Pure Essentia shop on Etsy and stay tuned for more Etsy fun to come.



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