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My Kirilove Week: Paris trippin’, MMVillage & more shoes

Door Tiany op 05.05.2012

Hi ya sweeties, how's life been treating you? Last week I informed you about these plans I had to kidnap my husband... I did, I took him to Paris, booked a room in Hotel Amour and we visited all kinds of places you'd normally not expect Paris to have... really, most of time I'm there, it's pure business and I never manage to get any further than the 1ière arrondissement and if I get lucky 'Merci'. But this time it was all about pure fun, so we got ourselves some bikes and had the Paris ride of our life...

To do when in Paris

-Velib and just ride away: make sure to have some sense of orientation or at least somebody that knows his/her way around the city of Love.

-Visit Les Puces - Porte de Clignancourt: the Parisian vintage markets are wicked and prices are ok, just remember to always negotiate and never settle for the stated price.

-Go to Montmartre: hell why not? You are a tourist after all and the view of Paris up there is just incredible. After all these years still a winner if you ask me.

-If you're looking for lovely Parisian resto's than just remember Derrière, Ferdi (lovely cocktails - Rue du Mont Thabor) and also Pamela Popo which is lovely and fairly priced. When talking lunch, be sure to visit La Maison Mère, Amour itself or Glou which is nearby Vanessa Bruno, Merci, Isabel Marant, APC and so further.

Musical Tip: Download the Gingersheavenosoul podcasts (Mixtapes by Arsenal), the vibes are just perfect for your ride to Paris...

I'm not entirely sure how it happened again, but fact is that I somehow ended this week with a fresh new charge of shoes. I could not resist the scream of all the pretty footwear at Sacha Shoes and well, the same scenario repeated itself at Maasmechelen Village, where I fell in love with a pair of outlet priced Versace stiletto's... Please don't ask me about the magnitude of my shoe closet, because honestly, I've never managed to count my beloved footwear and I seem to have this unceasing addiction.  

This weekend I'll be chilling with the girls and I'll probably do some Kloosterstraat digging as it's the one place where you can find amazing vintage pieces, often a bit overpriced but hey, at least you have it all together in one lovely street.

What are you up to, taking the nasty weather into consideration? Keep me posted and in the meantime... Live, Love & Laugh and take care my dearest Belmodo sweethearts!

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