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My Kirilove Week: Brussels Press Galore, Confucius & a long weekend ahead!

Door Tiany op 28.04.2012

Hello world, I'm feeling lucky again as this week was filled once more with truckloads of inspiration and great encounters... I hear you wonder: does La Kirilove ever go through a bad moment? To be honest, not really... I'm a lucky lady, surrounded by beautiful loving people and having the time of my life. I was brought up as a positivo pur sang and my parents always taught me to live every day to the full extend, also meaning work hard each and every day.

My dearest mommy also insists on a greater perspective on things. Deception & defeat are events that according to her should be analyzed, she strongly believes that good resides in every bad experience and she always persists on the sky buying the limit... Along my path her philosophy has become very clear to me and anybody familiar with Coelho should remember his wise words: "If you really want something, the universe will join it's forces to give it to you", that is... of course when thrive and honesty are involved.... that said, enough of me being the fashion Confucius on this blog. And let me just continue with the fashion absorbing little me...

'Thanks Tommy Hilfiger for Mr Mickey on my tummy', dixit Little Miss E. The kid even sleeps with this sweater and I kid you not!

You guys have been questioning me about the bright little bangles around my delicate (euhm) wrist, well these are available chez Histoire de Beauté in Aalst and so is the amazing Glam Glow Mud Mask that had me looking like a teenager for about a day or two, which kindly reminds me I should repeat the treatment very pronto!

One of my newest discoveries this week has been the magical oil by Picaut, totally biological and actually an amazing product, I've been using it for a week now and my skin is soft like a baby and even though I've been working like a mad cow, it still kind of glows, which I consider kind of miraculous. Picaut is Swedish and the packaging is clean and straight to the point, no BS just a good product doing what it should and that is keeping my skin wrinkle free and all dewy. In case you need more info just visit the Bioreine site. 

On the fashion side of this week it was La Kirilove doing some styling together with the likes of Emma, Lucy, Anaïs  and my beloved Immi during the Smets Bloggers Event, quite the fun (check out the pics) and a bit of a torture as I spent an entire eve in the middle of mind-boggling creations by Christopher Kane, Isabel Marant, Kenzo and so on... did I resist the temptation.... ehhh noooo! 

It was Brussels Press Galore and I really got to see some ab fab creations, collections and people... I also had my deal of sugars in the beloved form of sweet and very tempting cupcakes and I was totally flabbergasted by the most original press agency decoration ever... Thumbs up to Tandem and the Idealists, whom for the occasion had installed this amazing Mexican inspired gift altar... wicked to the bone and I'm kind of secretly wishing they'll send it in a box to my home address... 

It's a prolonged weekend coming up and I've got some lovely plans as I'm kidnapping my husband... he still doesn't know what we'll be doing nor where we are going to, which makes it all more exciting! Tell you more about that next week.

In the meantime enjoy your weekend... Live, Love & Laugh and take care my dearest Belmodo Bunnies!


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