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Pastel Kirilove

Door Tiany op 24.04.2012

It's been a while now that I've had this utter appreciation for all things pastels and peplum and that I've found myself sporting each and every hue of pastel and peplum I've bumped into along my path.


So what is it with me & trends and my swapping styles on a daily base? Do I really need to analyze this? Ya di ya di yadi hee.... let me just jump into conclusions and consider myself a total sucker for all things coming & going... which is to my recollection something I've done for ages, always a bit on the 'alternative' side as I'm a child of the grunge generation... yeah!

Is it actually a bad thing to swap the inner you's and go with the fashion flow? I think it's some kind of higher natural force of fashion and an immediate result of constantly being bombarded with mind-boggling pretty things that impede me of actually developping some kind of savings account. How does one for example resist to the sweet call of a pair of studded Susan boots or how do you withdraw from entering the cyber doors of your local I've still got no answers for these bank-threatening questions and to be honest, I've stopped caring as my fashion-finds come along with a certain satisfaction I can't really describe and that I'd rather not ban out of my life... I might be shallow to some, but well... at least I'm having truckloads of 'superficial' fun.

So Peace Out and keep on Spreading the Fashion LOVE!


WEARING: H&M peplum top and collar, 7 for All Mankind flowered jeans, Tabitha Simmons sandals via Coccodrillo - Antwerp, Dolce & Gabbana glasses 

Pics taken with love by Mous Lamrabat and LOVE comes back to you...

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