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My Kirilove Week: Ombre Hair, Triumph and more mini-me

Door Tiany op 21.04.2012

Sorry a bit belated here, but hey, time flies when you're having fun and in a wink... 2 weeks of Instagram have passed by! So lets go back in Kirilove time...

Well it's still a lot of goofing around with my girls, which certainly is one of my favorite activities, so besides being a fashion lovin' lady, I've grown up to become a master crafter, a Duplo architect and a Herta backing specialist. And in between it was mommy Kirilove dashing off to Paris to meet Mr. Gaultier, who is really one of the most inspirational persons I've ever met. He's witty, full of life and creative to the bone... 

The past weeks were also about making Belmodo lovers happy with all the possible Belmodo goodies we've been giving away on the site. I'm thinking about the beautiful Ulrike & her ladies and the fun we had styling them in Vero Moda goodies or the amazing pretty Louise that won the Isabel Marant competition. We're preparing so many more lovely give-aways, so please stay tuned, cause you might just be the next lucky winner!

Press Day Galore

For those not entirely working in fashion, there is such thing as PR Agencies, representing various fashion brands and giving us -journalist/bloggers- an insight on what the collections will look like next season. It's 2 - 3 days of running around on heels and getting so inspired with so many pretty goodies... I can already tell you that I'm totally in love with the COS fall/winter 2012 collection and that my kids will be dressed from top tot toe in the colorful creations of Anne Kurris.

Ombre Frontin'

My ombre has been updated by lady Lyza Michiels, probably the best colorist in Belgium and the near surroundings and I was also part of the Samsung by Delvaux launch, which was pretty exciting as I also got the chance to visit the Delvaux ateliers and spent minutes drooling over all the amazing beautiful Brillant bags... ohh and off the record... I'm pretty sure Delvaux is working on a neon version of the Brillant, inside info so hush, hush... 


Wondering what Veronique de Kock was doing at the Belmodo HQ? Well, then just visit our Triumph pages, contemplate the muscly goddess (I need her secret) in rather creative lingerie and cast your vote as one of these talented Belgian Lingerie designers will soon be sent to Shanghai for the International Finale of the Triumph Inspiration Awards... how cool is that?

You can follow me on Instagram, my name is Tiany Kirilove. If you don't have an iPhone and want to see my pictures, please just click on the above pics.

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