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Conscious Kirilovin’: because I love this world!

Door Tiany op 20.04.2012

I'm a conscious lady and certainly when H&M is involved, so yes I'm always totally happy when the so called Conscious Collection hits stores. A couple of months ago I had this conversation with Catarina Midby -spokesperson for the Conscious Collection- who talked to me about the variuos efforts that are put into producing clothes that are fashionable in a very ecological way.

I guess us Belgians are still not very much aware of the enviriomental impact of the production of cotton or that polyester for example may sometimes be a greener option. Skandinavians are light years ahead on caring about our planet and so are the Dutch and guess that becoming a mommy has made me think more about the world my girls will be living in years from now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not intending to be all moral and shizzle, I'm certainly not planning to point my fingers in anybody' s direction either...  I'm still a fashion lovin' lady, but when you have the choice and you can do it totally right and in style, then you can always count me in!

So yes, I do recycle like a mad woman, I partly love to buy vintage because of the low impact on our environment and I drive a Volvo that is very CO2 friendly. I hereby also wsih to promote this little company called CO2logicas they reduce the CO2 emission of various companies and individuals (also mine each and every time I jump on a flight).

Thanking our dearest Mous for the lovely pics. This guy is so very talented and driven and young... it's contagious! Visit his site and totally get inspired...

WEARING: Conscious Collection pants and shirt by H&M, Wildfox sweater, Marni sandals

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