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Kirilove on a Diet Coke & Jean Paul Gaultier expedition

Door Tiany op 17.04.2012

True: I'm one lucky bastard indulging in more lovely invitations than I can actually handle. But when you answer your phone and get invited by Diet Coke themselves to join them on a striped quest to Paris... you immediately block your agenda even if you promised your dearest hubby to take care of him and the offspring during these so called Easter Holidays (who ever invented 2 entire weeks anyways?) Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my every minute of being together with Mr. D and the mini-me's, but I was totally intrigued with Diet Coke's newest designer acquisition.

So, all of sudden I find myself packing a bag once more in the middle of night, sleeping too little and ending up in Brussels South, all set & ready for another expedition in the name of fashion. A Thalys ride later it's again the Japanese version of me taking pics of every single movement on stage, which partly explains why I'm always kind of late on reporting about my wicked experiences... I just have too many pics to process... So I'm at the Crazy Horse in Paris, eating tasty little bites which I can't define because of the dark Crazy Horse interior and already drinking champagne (it's noon by then).

Our eager little pupils get treated to a very exclusive Crazy Horse act especially designed for the event. Yes, pretty ladies are included and it all culminates in the revealing of 3 lovely bottles designed by nonetheless than the legendary enfant terrible de la mode Jean Paul Gaultier. The result is Mister JPG's iconis stripes and corset embracing the curvy Diet Coke bottles.

Mr. Jean Paul Gaultier himself stars in a couple of amazing advertising campaigns, check them out... they're really a great laugh and cute to look at just like Mr Gaultier himself.

Little scoop: Mr. Gaultier will be designing parts of Madonna's wardrobe for her upcoming tour.

It's moi and pretty Miss Anne from Elle. I'm wearing parrot skirt and peplum top by H&M and Bottega Veneta sandals

Parrots and stripes... like a match made in heaven...

As I totally suck at filming and most of the time just forget to press the record button, I won't annoy you with my legendary shaky movies, but instead offer you this more than exact coverage on a day with Mister Jean Paul Gaultier. It's the entire ab fab experience (including some Crazy Horse action) crammed into 5 minutes!

The collection is called Night & Day and if you want a slice of these exclusive pretty JPG bottles than do mark June 16 on your agenda as free bottles will be gifted at Galeria Inno in Brussels.

Thanks Diet Coke for inviting me on this ab fab trip and the lovely encounter with the very energetic and ever so funny Jean Paul Gaultier

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