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Madly Lovin’ Maison Scotch

Door Tiany op 11.04.2012

I started reporting about Scotch & Soda back in the days I presented Alive.Style and Spotlight chez JIM tv and in this very far past the brand only originated goodies for men. Somewhere along the way I lost track of the brand, but ever since they launched a division for ladies they've been on my radar and I'm pretty much sure they'll soon rock your world too with the tons of lovely female creations all cumulated within Maison Scotch.

So yes, I'm happy to see that the Amsterdam-based fashion brand has evolved and anno 2012 I find myself adoring every single piece of this collection. I often visit their ab fab shop in Knokke and they also have lovely venues in Antwerp, Aalst, Brussels, Gent,... Hell yeah, they're all over the place! Which makes it kind of dangerous for a lady that also loves sporting laid-back garments with a serious fashion twist.

Expect great garments, vintage styled classics, easy-fit but elegant styles and shops just packed with staples that will have you looking stylish during your every day life. I do warn you that falling in love with Maison Scotch can be pretty addictive... and let's just not beat around the bush, Maison Scotch is ultra cool and will have you looking totally casual chic in seconds...

On my wishlist and at the moment madly in love with these lovely cropped jackets and helloooo pretty tagged red jeans.... how much more perfect can you get?


Not in the near surroundings of a store, no worries just check out the Scotch & Soda online shop... so addictive...


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