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Kirilove hearts Werelse for Mango Touch: scarf addiction

Door Tiany op 11.04.2012

So I'm the first one to proclaim that you really should have an ellaborate collection of scarves, as they just instantly make your outfit look sharper than sharp... I stopped the count at 20 and still am convinced that one more pretty little shawl will certainly not damage the balance in my collection...

So when I first saw the reddish-purple printed Werelse for Mango Touch exemplar I could hardly wait to have it in between my hands. This extraordinary scarf is just a passe partout and will make a perfect match with probably your entire wardrobe!

I myself decided to go for white to accentuate even more the amazing color combo of this pretty creation and well also because I really enjoy white on white outfits...

So you've seen the neon clutch and the wedges, now I present you the scarf... but what is your flavour? Which item of this Werelse for Mango Touch collection really rocks your world? 

Thanks to my friend the very talented mister Dirk Alexander for the pretty pics on a drowsy day in the city of Antwerp.

WEARING: MOOILOOP lasercut dress (thanks MOOILOOP), H&M leather jacket (as seen here), Zara blouse, Chanel sandals, Werelse for Mago Touch scarf

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