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Need your help: Mon Monogram Speedy

Door Tiany op 03.04.2012

Guys, I need your help… I’ve decided that the moment has arrived... I finally find myself mature enogh to buy one of the most legendary classics ever. I’ve made up my mind and yes, I’m intending to very soon be the proud owner of a lovely Louis Vuitton Speedy Monogram bag.

The Speedy was launched in 1930 as a small piece of luggage for the city tripper and was originally named the ‘Express’. The name switch occured somewhere along the 60’s and ever since we’ve been speaking and in my case dreaming of a Speedy… 

Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Jackie O were the proud owners of this ever so graceful bag and so finally it's my time to add my name to that ab fab list…. So here comes the request for some assistance as I really wish to personalize my iconic Louis Vuitton bag with some Mon Monogram stripes and initials. I’ve been playing around for ages on the site of Louis Vuitton and I’ve come along with these 5 options, but what do you think? What colors would you chose and which of the below versions would rock your world?



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