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The Louis Vuitton experience by Kirilove

Door Tiany op 29.03.2012

The moment you get a Louis Vuitton invitation your heart first of all skips a beat and unless you're on top of some mountain you cancel and postpone every possible other meeting on your agenda. Well at least that's what I did when the invite to check out the FW 2012 was sent to moi...

I have a profound respect for labels with an interesting heritage. Louis Vuitton was originally founded in 1854 by the eponymous designer, Mister Louis Vuitton himself who had achieved notoriety because of his master 'packing' techniques and rather simultaneously developped his own collection of trunks to satisfy his clients with well packed and slightly lighter luggage. We sometimes forget to realize that back then, ladies and gents of a certain standard had truckloads of trunks to transport their assortiment of petticoats, embellished dresses, hats, shoes, gloves, etc. Travelling light was never an issue back then... perhaps I was born in an entirely wrong era as travelling light has never appealed to me either. 

It was his son George Vuitton that introduced the now so very wanted monogram and the rest is history, but you should read into it as it's inspiring and if you're in Paris please do visit the Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs -  exhibit which is intriguing, fascinating and worth every penny. This retrospective looks back at the amazing work of the prestigous fashion house Louis Vuitton and their current ab fab designer Marc Jacobs which has been reigning with his magical design scepter for 15 years now. The scenography is mind-boggling and includes mohawk mannequins, it-bags presented as lovely chocolates, wild life headed mannequins and floating limbs showcasing the amazing past collections.

Place to be: Art Decoratifs Museum in Paris

So back to my visit to the Louis Vuitton HQ's in Paris where part of their showroom was transformed into an old fashioned train station and just once more reminded me of the magnificent and already very legendary 'steam engine' show I had not attended due to me being stuck on some mountain...

However I now got the chance to admire every piece of the golden age inspired collection up close and very personal. Imagine coats and dresses embellished with tremendous crytals, the monogram as a subtle application on brocade bags causing a holographic effect and tremendous amounts of detailing which have you guessing hours and days of handwork went into the amazing creations.


The hats had me bedazzled too and where in fact a creation of sir Stephen Jones who for the ocasion had mixed different furs to create the cuddliest hats I've ever seen


Plenty to marvel at and honnestly I had the hardest time ever camouflaging my drooling over the imaginative Louis Vuitton collection. I can't emphasize any more how happy I was to be part of this experience as seeing all this work of art is utterly inspiring!


Thought you would also enjoy to loose yourself once more in the beautiful show given a couple of weeks ago in Paris... Check also which celebs attended the expo launch party & enjoy the virtual tour before actually going for the real thing... 



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