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Kirilove by Vero Moda volume II… out now!

Door Tiany op 28.03.2012

Hi you pretty fly gals... Kirilove by Vero Moda part II has just hits stores so get it while it's hot. It's pretty pastels and wild flora you'll be able to find chez Ver Moda and just to refresh your mind I've decided to share some of my beloved styles with you... hope you like them as much as I do.

Play with it, have fun with it and please do style it your way... I'm eager to know how you'll be sporting it, so if you have indulged into some Kirilove, first of all thanks and please do share your style with me... pretty please... 


I hereby wanted to show you that the lovely leaf top will do just fine on my white capri jeans (as seen in the campaign) but that it certainly will be happy with one of your favourite uni color skirts or regular jeans... I promise!

WEARING: Kirilove by Vero Moda leaf top and green blazer, COS skirt, Marni necklace, Prada shoes and Dondup hat

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