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My Kirilove Week: Shoes, Vogue NL and Louis Vuitton

Door Tiany op 25.03.2012

Yet another amazing week in my pretty hectic life, I'm really thanking the heavens each and every day for being so kind with me and granting me everything I've ever wished for... honnestly I'm kind of catholic.

Those of you following me on Instagram have probabbly had a peek, but hey don't we all apprcieate a little bit structure? So enter the recap of another remarkable week. Monday started of easy, Tuesday just kicked in at 4 o'clock in the morning as I had some Vogue NL launch filming to do, hope you like the video. So, that was quite an honor and I was delighted with the sight of this very first edition, I'm a fan already, but hell no... nobody's gonna stop me from buying my monthly UK version! Guess I'll just need some extra time, to be able to read both...

My hours of sleep didn't get any better as Tuesday night was all about Moët & Chandon, which explains the black tie dresscode and the me wearing a lovely Paule Ka red carpet dress.

Thursday was all about Louis Vuitton as I got invited to contemplate the FW 2012 collection up close and personal. I can assure you, it looks amazing and the detailing gone into each and every piece is just mind-boggling! I don't know how many hours went into embroidering the beautiful coats and dresses I got to see, I just know it was a unique fashion adventure and that my wish list has gotten painfully larger. I've got some pretty pics that I'll be sharing with you very soon...

So while I was in Paris having troubles with my roaming, Lady Natalie Joos launched my Tale. Man! Was I surprised and totally delighted with her pics and the lovely text she issued on the Kirilove persona. Many thanks and God I'm so happy to be on my favorite blog!

Lucky me, my shoe collection just got larger with two divine pairs of stylish flats! Thanks Dolce Dolce and do please check out their site which is packed with the cutest shoes and ballerina's. I also got myself these amazing white Dondup brogues, which are very classy but have this lovely twist, I feel an outfit post coming up soon...

I'm figuring you'll just know exactly what to do on this lovely Sunday, true you might have lost an hour, but heck the sun will be around longer... so bring it on sandals, breezy dresses and in my case a little blazer... I'm kind of a chilly person, which still is a result of my youth in hot & steamy Venezuela...

Tomorrow it's mini me Eloise's birthday, I'll be in the kitchen backing some lovely cakes wink

You can follow me on Instagram, my name is Tiany Kirilove. If you don't have an iPhone and want to see my pictures, please just click on the above pics.

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