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My Kirilove Week: M.A.C, ski fun and Anne Kurris

Door Tiany op 18.03.2012

It's Instagram overload this week as I skipped a beat last week... the reason: well I got sick, which really sucks as I was actually enjoying my so long awaited week of ski! But hey, at least I got a great rest and now I'm back in full force and ready for upcoming week, which will be pretty exciting. More of that coming soon and just follow me every pace on Twitter for the latest updates...

Guess that the most memorable moment of the past few weeks was when I saw my 3 year old (March 26 will be b-day time) give skiing a try and she pretty muched enjoyed it. So she ended up doing a one hour ski session for an entire week, cute... ohh so cute and amazing to see how the little ones are fearless, but full of joy! Bumping into a Chanel shop 1800 meters above sea level was also quite that. Did I buy something? Nope, I managed to resist... thank heavens!

Wanna see me in 'Lama del Rey' mode? Check Treetslook, they did this total look on what I was wearing! It was vintage galore from two of my favourite vintage shops Olga's retro & Isabelle Bajart.

This week was about too many events crammed into 5 days with the Marc O' Polo shop opening and the ab fab 20 years Verso party. A proud mommy moment too, as Yelena was asked to strike a pose for Anne Kurris, which is in fact my favourite kiddy brand. So I'm really looking forward to seeing the result of that shoot. Make-up artist on the set was Inge Grognard and photography by Ronald Stoops.

This week was a sad reality check to all of us. I guess we once more realized that life is fragile and can come to a horrible end in just seconds... my deepest and most sincere respect to everybody involved in the rescueing of all the little souls and my heart goes out to all the families that have suffered this great loss. It's not fair and not natural to live to survive the life you created out of love and that once was your kid... I can't entirely imagine the pain these parents and families must be going through, but being a mom it affected me in a thousand ways and I can only hope these families will find the strength to carry on, in the loving memory of their precious lost ones... RIP little souls...

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