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Kirilove Marni at H&M: navy blue

Door Tiany op 04.03.2012

This must be one of my favourite looks feauturing a man's Marni at H&M sweater, a lovely gilet and one of the collections' lovely dresses. Added to the ensemble of course a set of the imaginative necklaces, earrings and bracelets which I guarantee will make each and every look just perfect. I'm really flipping about te entire collection of accessories as their quality is amazing and their design Marni to the bone!

Hope you'll like this take of my Marni loving and hope I'm inspiring you to buy the entire collection, as it's pretty much worth it all!

Just another proof that Marni at H&M is all about mix and match and that every single piece is combinable all the way...


The flower necklace is wicked all the way, I'm wearing two necklaces in this picture just to add a little more volume to it all and also because I adore the dramatic effect of jusing a set of Marni flowers.

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