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Kirilove Marni at H&M: the pyjamas lovin’ sequel

Door Tiany op 03.03.2012

I'm just the kind of sucker for any mayor trend that appears on the radar and I guess the pyjama lovin' one is not an exception... so here I am sporting the lovely pyjama ensemble by Marni at H&M which is 100 % silk and 101% adorable! Combine it all the way as a lovely 2 pièce or just style the perfect silk little blouse with let's say a lovely pair of torn jeans and promise you, you'll score big time! 

You'll just want to wear these lovely shorts with a white t-shirt, a perfecto leather jacket and a pair of biker boots... totally a look that will have you looking hot during the summer festivals.


Ohhh yes! The Marni at H&M necklaces rock big time and will really become staples in your wardrobe... this time the investment will not harm your bank account so just go all the way...

The plateau soles and the Marni at H&M bag... totally worth the while, so get it while it's hot babes! Ohh and btw, the shoes are mighty high, but still comfy just like all my other Marni soles!

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