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Kirilove Marni at H&M: the brocade blouse

Door Tiany op 02.03.2012

Didn't I tell you I would be showcasing some of that lovely Marni at H&M collection? Well as promised, here we go and you'll be getting more from where this came from, as I'll be sharing my take on the ab fab Marni collection each and every day till it hits stores... Just for the sole purpose of letting you analyse each and every piece... To start of, I present you a cropped version of me... just because I also sometimes enjoy a bit of a tease... 

Ohh yes, I'm totally in love with the brocade shirt and find it pretty much amusing to just go wild on the prints mix and matching, so I decided to combine it with this adorable blouse and added a pinch of those irresistible accessories, which are MARNI all the way... have I pushed it to far? Or would you go along with my prints galore?

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