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My Kirilove Week: MAC me-up, Pastels and Marni at H&M

Door Tiany op 25.02.2012

'How's you folks all doing?' Me, myself and I am as I speak clearing the premises, which actually means I've finally found the time to clean out the closets... it's detox and I like it! 

Had a pretty hectic week with some filming and some styling action, but again I survived and I even had time to go crazy with the mini's as they had a week off. We sang loudly to the tunes of K3, had our dose of dressing up, we visited the Antiques Market and tried on some amazing headpieces, we had a lovely lunch in Antwerps' new Zum and went back to singing louder than we could... 

I had some MAC make-up moments just before the filming, it was Marni at H&M all over Belmodo (don't forget to particapte... you can win aGOLDEN TICKET), I had a lovely dinner at Vitrine in Gent, it was all about pastel colors at the Belmodo HQ's and I couldn't resist a certain amount of sugars and my daily latte's which are now made with soy milk as I seem to have tummy troubles when drinking too much milk.

What are you up to this weekend? No ideas? Well let me try to inspire you...

-Have a lovely brunch with your loved ones. Always delicious is Bästa Bar in Antwerp, Simon Says in Gent or Chaff in Brussels.

-Feel like online shopping? The Outnet is offering free shipping the whole weekend long... can you resist?

-Design freaks... the countdown has started as next weekend you'll have another chance to enjoy some amazing finds at the Design Market in Gent.

-Watch Sh*t Fashion Girls Say on YouTube, my favorite take on fashion and funny as hell...

-Indulge into some beauty and sweets... have a look at Isabelle's Nails and Cupcakes for some delightful recipes and tips and tricks on pretty nails

This week I'll be on my way to Paris for some more Fashion Week Galore... any outfits that according to you I should take along with me?

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