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My Kirilove Week: Alexa Chung, NYFW and the mini me

Door Tiany op 19.02.2012

It’s been one crazy week in Kirilove County, a bit of jetlagging after a NYFW weekend and all kinds of activities in between. God bless you all and hope you'll enjoy another week of Instagram me...

What you see?

*My Jet Airways flight to New York for some brief fashion week galore: a 3 days Marathon of me rushing around the city from one backstage to another and my encounter with probably the prettiest girl in the world Miss Alexa Chung.

*It's a bit of backstage Instagramming with my beloved Iphone: Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Tibi, DVF and more. Check all our Fashion Week Galore and start making your wishlists! 

*So I managed to score the shoes I've been dreaming of for so long. I remember calling every shop in EUROPE stocking these shoes and even having one pair set aside in New York, which in teh end was accidentally sold upon arrival... you can imagine I almost went mental (shoes just have that effect on me). And during my last trip to NY, I just managed to find the very last pair in my size... once more, I went mental (yes I'm smiling)!

*Ohhh yes babes... it's my and my new BFF Alexa Chung, bit of wishfull thinking, but hey, a bit of dreaming every once in a while is just ok...

Returning back home also included a couple of surprises, such as the amazing Sandrina Fasoli clutch, the Valentine flowers given by the hubby and my awaited parcel... I'll soon share the contents of this lovely box. Furthermore I enjoyed some quality time with the hubby during a great dinner at Marcel (really a resto you should visit, the cuisine is exqusite) and a small party chez Magic during the Elle festivities...

Wondering what's in the H&M boxes? Stay tuned as I'll reveal some of the content tonight.... ohh and don't you think they're adorable... my sweet little muffins aka the mini me's all dressed up and ready for their scholistic carnaval action...

You can follow me on Instagram, my name is Tiany Kirilove. If you don't have an iPhone and want to see my pictures, please just click on the above pics.

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