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Marni for H&M, the Sofia Coppola video

Door Tiany op 06.02.2012

Let it be clear, I'm the biggest Marni fan ever - I swear- and the minute the news hit my ear that Marni would launch a collection with H&M, I started screaming like a totally crazed out freak, jumped for joy, kept on screaming and freaking and screaming and jumping and ... let it be clear, I was extatic and ever since have been counting the days... March 8 is marked in my agenda and I'm not sure how I'll be doing it -as yours truly had already booked a ski holiday, bollocks- but I swear... I MUST buy it all. I'll probably descend from my mountain in the French Alpes and end up at the local Lyon H&M store to buy each and every piece of the entire collection... no I'm not a fashion freak, I'm just addicted to H&M and Marni, that's about it. And come on, admit it... look at the accessories and the devine printed dresses, pants and shirts... argh I really want it all!

I know I shouldn't be sharing this with you, as I'm only promoting the collection I've been dreaming of for ages even more, but H tot the ELL, I just have to show you this amazing video made by nobody less than la Miss Sofia Coppola... enjoy it ladies! And please do share with me what's on your Marni by H&M wishist...

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