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Stockholm Intermezzo: H&M design Award 2012

Door Tiany op 02.02.2012

Just a quick intermezzo, as it's way too late and I still got an interview to prepare for tomorrow morning... I'm still in lovely Stockholm wearing 10 layers of Damart, Smartwool socks and still freezing my JLo-esque bootie off... but don't get me wrong I'm having a blast enjoying plenty of H&M shops and their abundance of the trends collection and of course being part of the very first H&M Design Award which was held today to celebrate the very first winner.

Please let us have a round of applause for Stine Riis a very talented 28 year old graduate from the BA Fashion Design Technology from the Londen College of Fashion. Selected by the very talented likes of the very well respected Fashion Journalist Hilary Alexander and über blogger & mix n' match whiz kid Susie Lau.

To just give you an idea of Miss Riis, I hereby present you to the H&M video (please don't mind the very hair bewildered me, I somehow forgot to bring along my personal hairdresser). We wish Stine all the luck and hereby hope she'll make smart decisions investing the 50 000 euro she was given by H&M as the amazing prize to this very first design competition. 

More pics will follow very soon...

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