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Flower… Bomb!

Door Tiany op 27.01.2012

Kaboom... I say to rainy and shitty stormy days, which was the case yesterday.... So on, with the blooms and as you're working it, why not go in overdrive...  Behold the flower power Zara pants, which I predict will be all over the place in less than a wink... but however, I just couldn't resist. Combined with even more flowers and I'm all ready to bongo boogie.

Well oviously we had to do some in house shooting as it was raining cats & dogs, so have a peek at our HQ's and don't forget to water the flowers.

Ohhh no way the weather will keep me from using the highest of heels, wedges or sandals... why should it? These are like the ideal shoes to walk over little ponds, it's dry feet all the way. I'm thinking of putting spikes underneath them in the case snow hits our country. 

12 points to the one that guesses which type op plant I'm trying to portray.

WEARING: Zara pants & blouse, Forever 21 necklace and Balenciaga shoes.

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