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Greenday… and a bit of grey

Door Tiany op 26.01.2012

Hi ya cowboys, how's the fashion vibes doing? Are you managing to survive these cloudy and rainy days? I hardly notice the difference between day and night as I seem to wake up in the darkest of hours and manage to get back home by dusk... Ok, just kidding there is an in between and no I haven't started a job in one or another camera obscura...

So during the in betweens I either eat too much, shop non stop obsessively (seriously... somebody come and help me before my house just collapses) or drink latte's by the liter.... so obviuosly I'm exaggerating again... I honnestly -really- don't shop that much, unless I'm working on a styling which was the case the past week... (Miss Betsy and Lady P, please don't mention the fact that I even shop via twitter).

I've been adoring green hues (remember the Kirilove goes Hulk me?) and guess the color just gets my spirits all positive and gay as Christmas, so here we go again, another take on the 'grassy' me and don't believe the hype... the grass is never greener on the other side...

Stay in style babes and share your lovely pretty style questions and secrets with moi... I'll take care of them... I promise!

Yes, I'm's because the hubby gifted me this pretty necklace...wiiiiiiii!!!!!

You'll need some practice for this and having fear of hights will not help at all...

Chill, peace and legs just look longer if you go shorter than short... don't ya think?


WEARING: Etoile sweater, COS dress, Marni necklace, Tabitha Simmons sandals

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