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H&M Design Award: The Belgian Finalist

Door Tiany op 25.01.2012

I'm so glad to finally be able to announce the Belgian finalist that will fly with us next week to Stockholm to be part of the International H&M Design Award. Ladies and Gents, let's have a round of applause for our dear (and kind of shy) Zoë Vermeire. Her deisgns were exquisite and very much interesting because of the architectural approach... I must admit however that  the choice was not easy at all, as our Belgian talents were all devine,  but I'm very proud of this lady who in many ways represents a typical Belgian design  and therefor will represent our country in the most perfect way.

Crossing my entire body and hoping the International jury, read Susie Lau, Hilary Alexander,... , will enjoy the likes of Zoë's collection.... keep you posted babes! 

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