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Bowties and autumn colors

Door Tiany op 22.01.2012

I'm not your black on black type of girl and hell no, you won't see me sticking my booty in just jeans each and every day... I would die of boredom if that would be the case and guess that even a blizzard wouldn't stop me from going all ladylike dressed, sandals included.

I often have the tendancy to fall in love with clothes and shoes and bags and whateva... apparently I have an addiction which can also be defined as a serious problem, even more now that my closets no longer seem to be capable of carrying all my goodies. But I just can't help and really am considering some kind of rehab, however haven't found a clinic that will deal with my addiction. So in the meantime I just keep on falling  in love, which was the case when I saw this delightful ocher knitted skirt. True, not immediately the most flattering material as it adds up some extra thigh centimeters, but hey it's just perfect for winter and when paired with very high heels all of the above become invisible, right?! 

It's wool on wool as the knitted skirt meets the chunky tights in my favorite pair of sandals.


WEARING: COS skirt, COS gilet, New Look blouse, Rue Blanche scarf, Marni shoes

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