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My Paradise Lost Adventures

Door Tiany op 13.01.2012

Let there be no mistake, I adore traveling and even more when my family is involved. We have this tradition of fleeing the dark and cold December days and escaping to much warmer locations and this year was not any different... those of you following me on Twitter have already been tortured with mouthwatering images that captivate you and are proof of heavenly places on earth. 

Over the years with the hubby we've had the chance of experiencing great journeys visiting countries such as Argentina, Thailand and Bali, then it became a bit more traditional with destinations such as Egypt because of the kids but this year we decided to really go for the great escape... After my 2011 visit to Miami with the mini me's, we decided they were pretty much ready to conquer the world and so we rented a catamaran to sail along the beautiful coasts of the Caribbean islands of Gaudeloupe and Dominica... The weather was delightful, hot, hotter and hottest... so no I will not torture you even more with outfit pics of myself in bikini... I've had two kids and well, honestly, there's not  much outfit to just a simple plain bikini, right?

So I'll just leave you behind with some of the pics I took of my adorable mini me's, the lovely sights of blue waters and the hubby and me... enjoy it as much as I did and oooo it hurts, I just wanna go back...


This was New Year's Eve... a lot of fun with the hubby and the girls.


Za boat... really an amazing way to travel around, if you're not the seasick type of person that is...


The hubby and me... Big Love, Love, Love...



Day to night swimwear... no high heels or make-up, no fancy dresses or over the top statement jewels... just a lovely amount of wooden necklaces and a truckload of bikini's


And just to top it off, Eloise & Yelena... my adorable mini's!


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