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H&M Design Award

Door Tiany op 13.01.2012

So yes, very soon I'll be leaving for Stockholm to attend the Stockholm fashion Week and to be a further part of the H&M Design Award, a unique initiative supporting young designer talent ... so here's the story:

A couple of months ago I was invited to participate in the jury of the National H&M Design Award contest. During this jury session 6 very talented designers of the Academy of Antwerp and La Cambre presented their creations and we had the horrendous task of choosing only 1 national winner. Don't get me wrong, the experience of being part of this jury was great, but the talent showcased was so devine and diverse that I would've selected the entire bunch of young Belgian creativo's for the International competition.

Unfortunately we got a bit stuck in this situation that pretty much tortured me as I really couldn't decide on who to send on behalf of Belgium. Luckily, I now get to be part of the fun side, as I'll be attending the International H&M Design Award Fashion Show in Stockholm and the decision making will no longer be mine to take. You will however see me praying and hoping our Belgian selected designer will head back home with the amazing prize of 50.000 euro and the chance to be seen worldwide, which is of course an amazing way to kick off a career as a  fashion designer...

Please do cross your fingers along with me.

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