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Style Instigator: Julia Sarr-Jamois

Door Tiany op 11.01.2012

Julia Sarr-Jamois has been on my radar for quite a while, as I used to contemplate her looks in the various magazines she willingly striked a pose for... However the young style maven (she's friggin' 23) decided to enrich her life with even more fashion, by putting her modelling career aside. So, now lady Julia is the well respected editor in chief of Brittish lifestyle and cult Magazine Wonderland and she's got this legion of street style photographers chasing her killer stiletto heels, which is of course quite rightly indeed... because the lady's got style and undoubtably the most perfect afro in the entire universe.

Julia's vestimentary abc is all about colors, it's vintage driven, a bit denimized, eclectic to the bone and accessorized to perfection with the quirkiest bags and the most mind boggling footwear... No doubt, that if you would give me just a second the chance, I'd steal her entire wardrobe in less than a wink... sorry Julia, but your frocks are highly enviable. 




I've conceived this mischievous plan to get myself some kind of perfect afro, hoping that brands will start mistaking me for la Julia and start sending me their goodies.... muhahhahahahhaa or is this plan like totally bound to fail?

Images: Hanneli, Citizen Couture, Style Tao

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