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The Rainbow dress

Door Tiany op 22.12.2011

Say helloooo to my wooly and cozy over the top striped dress also known as the Rainbow Dress, ideal for these chilly and grey days as it keeps me warm and brings a bit of color into my life. Also perfectly designed for fashion lazybones -such as me every once in a while- as this easy going gown only requires some minor detailing.  

Ohh and just for the record, I'm a huge fan of sandal-wearing in the winter. Not only does it look good, it also extends the wearability of your investment and it seems to be very interesting. Meaning: people stare at me when they see me walking by on sandals... then again they might just be thinking I'm gone banana's!

WEARING: Vero Moda dress, Marni bow shoes, I-forgot-the-origin-of blue scarf and vintage rosary


Some random goofing around in my rainbow dress, which can actually also be used as a sleeping bag or so... shall I hashtag this as #fashionoptimallization? 

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