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Introducing Lottie Moss

Door Tiany op 02.12.2011

Well of course, what else had you thought? Wasn't it already pretty obvious that the Moss genes are an exceptional great mix of small but ultra slim, mind-boggling gorgeous and enviable cool?

Pretty obvious to me and I honestly have been waiting for little Lila Grace to attract the major campaign camera's, when all of the sudden step sister Charlotte Moss pops up. I didn't see that one coming as I somehow never knew Kate had a baby sist that pretty much started causing a commotion when snapped by Mario Testino at the  Miss Moss wedding. 

History repeating? Who knows, she at least has what it takes physically and mighty good connections thanks to big sis Kate. Aged 13 and already looking  very cute, yet a bit shy, but I predict a riot and a worthy replacer of the world's most legendary model.



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