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The hunt for the Zara Knit

Door Tiany op 23.11.2011

There was this specific Zara Knit that had delighted me from the very first moment I saw it. I didn't buy it at that specific moment and pretty much regretted it the weeks after... I started a Belgian hunt for this knitted beauty that kept on haunting me and at a certain moment I even had our Belmodo lady Aline call all Zara shops in the entire country with sadly enough no results.

So the minute I touched New York ground, I started my own little expedition and jumped for joy when the Zara assistant of the Brooklyn establishment came along with the very last exemplar... It's mine now and I pretty much enjoy having it, but guess you had already noticed the smile on my face. I can sometimes go banana's trying to get something that's on my mind and when it comes to shoes I have some crazy stories...How far have you gone in the name of fashion?

PS... yes I'm also still addicted to COS...


Pink COS blazer, Pink COS shirt, Zara Knit, COS leather skirt, Marni shoes, Mulberry Alexa

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