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Still in Versace for H&M overdrive

Door Tiany op 15.11.2011

Can a person - besides Donatella, her entire Versace-dome and the folks chez H&M -  be more enthusiastic about the Versace for H&M collection than me? To some of you, it's kind of over the top... but really you can pair the styles down and wear them in a more casual way combining them with simple grey sweaters or skinny black jeans. However, I just adore to combine it all together and wear it Donatella style.

Today I had to do some filming for Vitaya's  new fashion show, which will be hosted by Lien Degol and which will include some weekly me in fashion lalaland, so I just continued with my Versace for H&M adoration in the head to toe lotus flowers black ensemble... It's again a l.o.v.e it or h.a.t.e it situation and I'm totally interested in knowing what you think about this outfit? 

Btw are you planning to cue up this Thursday (17/11) and what will you be buying... what's on your wishlist?   


Versace for H&M legging and dress, COS belt, Black H&M crochet vest,  Sergio Rossi boots and Vanessa Bruno parka in last picture 

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