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My House, My Rules, My Pleasure: Versace for H&M

Door Tiany op 13.11.2011

Those of you following me on twitter, sorry for driving you crazy with my #VersaceforHM tweets, I was totally excited about the wonderful launch I experienced and just wanted to share as much as I could with you.

So all of sudden, somewhere in September you get this phone call telling you H&M has selected you to come along on a kick ass trip to New York to witness the Versace for H&M show. After some hysteric jumping around action and some cheek pinching to check if your not dreaming, I blocked my agenda and started counting the days to my new NY excuse.

So on Monday we took off for the Big Apple, arrived at the ab fab Dream Hotel Downtown, did a  little shopping and had dinner at the must visit Waverly Inn.

Tuesday was all about  some more shopping for the hubby and the mini me's  and preparing for the big event, which turned out to be a whole lot of fun.

Le Outfit...

Picture this; a huge backdrop with nothing but the Miami palm tree print, A-list celebs entering the venue and me 'fighting' the gazillion other journalists for a quote. By the time I had finished trying to fire questions at Uma, Miss Minaj, La Donatella and co... I was pretty much starving (due to giving priority to shopping and getting dressed) but guess the glass of champagne that was shoved into my hands just got things going on...

The show was an amazing an exuberant happening with models attacking the catwalk from both sides in a labyrinth style runway between us, the spectators. Vintage Versace prints and styles, it was Gianni all over the place in a homage kind of collection inspired by archive pieces that according to Donatella will have youngsters getting to know what Versace is all about. Did I adore it? I did and still do, guess I'm a real sucker for prints and colors and all things vintage.  I was also totally amazed to see a show containing expensive looking sexy styles, a collection reflecting Donatella's vision on fashion perfectly in the mix with the budget friendly know how of H&M. 



Catwalk pics & front row celebs courtesy of thanks Pema, my pics sucked big time... I'll never ever forget my Canon again (can u believe I did?!) 

The show ended with a Donatella strolling up the runway and opening the party venue which was kept hidden behind some gigantic wooden doors... Helloo Dance Floor and hello Nicki Minaj and Mr Prince who treated us to an exclusive showcase while me, myself and I had accidentally gotten my glitzy booty into the VIP. The result of the doorman taking me for je ne sais qui... are these pics with my new BFF. 


Sofia Coppola & Nicky Minaj

A selection of my new BFF's... Blake Lively!!!!


Model Lindsey Wixon and Lady Selma Blair

Ohhh ny Versace! This is Jessica -Pretty- Alba and moi...


So I asked this dude to take a picture of me and Donatella...  thanks God I did a better job when shooting the H&M Belgian Press Lady Marianne.

As if the delight wasn't already supreme, H&M had this Versace for H&M pop-up store at our disposal... which of course had a stack of fashionista's going all wild and hysteric over the palm tree print and leather studded Versace for H&M styles, me included.


We ended this event with truckloads of smiles and too loud speaking and some guy taking our picture while requesting 'big nipples' instead of 'say cheese'... giggles again... I somehow thought champagne had really gotten into me, but as it turns out, it really happened! 

What the heck happened to Staf Coppens? He kind of looks different on this pic?!!!

Thanks H&M for letting me be part of this amazing adventure!  

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