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Kirilove in motion: red alert

Door Tiany op 31.10.2011

Just a while ago I introduced my Kirilove in motion videos,  just because it seemed interesting to bring outfitposts in 3D. It's also east peasy: you get yourself a sweet Mister Mike, you shove an Iphone with 8mm app in his hands, tell him to press the record button and goof and twirl a bit around in front of the camera. You then upload the videoclips onto your Imovie and do some selfmade editing -always thought there was an autodidact in me-, you create a youtube channel and share it with the intergalactic world and tadaaaaa that's about it.

In this case I'd like to introduce you to my red alert outfit which pretty much consists out of a H&M lace and leather combo with a dash of Valentino.

An ideal mix of budget friendly fashion and a long term investment in a pair of gorgeous kitten heels, that will hopefully someday serve the pretty little feet of the mini-me's as a pair of vintage Valentino's or so...

Ok yes, I just need a great excuse to enter my expenditure in the accounts .... 

H&M leather pants and lace dress, Valentino kitten heels

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