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I need this manicure as in pronto!

Door Tiany op 30.10.2011

I'm totally into pretty nails but somehow I never really have the time to do my own manicure. So yes, I kind of envy my pretty Elle friend Miss A.P who gives her nails a new look each and every day.... wait to you have kids dudette!

Hands & a well taken care of set of nails are very important and that's why I tend to visit the manicurist every 14 days for a Shellac treatment which will have my hands & nails presentable for a while... kind of boring yeah, but I just ain't a nail whizz-kid and I always manage to ruin my nails within seconds.

That's why I'll just show what I'm craving for and wish to have... just in case any of you feel like being handy and giving me these amazabelle nails.

Ab fab Chanel manicure


Desirable Manicure Couture by Yves Saint Laurent mixing matte black with shiny nailpolish 

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